Need A Garden Shed?

Need a garden shed? We can provide you with the exact garden shed you require, suiting your space and lifestyle. Our family-based team will discuss how you wish to use your shed, your physical access to it, and the finished style you would like to receive. From here, we can make sure that the manufacture meets the required design to suit what will be kept in it, with respect to your surrounding area. We will also be able to determine the best profile of timber to give that look and feel you desire in your garden. Get in touch with us today to discuss your preferred design.

Great For Storage

Sheds are most commonly used for storage. This can include long- as well as short-term storage. Of course, a solid structure and weather proofing are required to ensure your items are safe, and this is a guarantee with Acadia Timber Ltd. What’s great about a customised design is that we can use space to further your storage solutions. From doors that allow easy access to footprints that provide an organised layout, we can tailor your shed to your needs.

A Range of Sizes

We can provide small sheds for lawnmowers and summer essentials, as well as large scale sheds. We always pre-fab any components required. From here, we will arrange an appropriate means of delivery to your property before we erect your shed.

Get In Touch With Acadia Timber Ltd Today

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